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Early Impression | Super Mega Baseball

Behind the cute graphics lies a deep simulation and strategy game. For me personally owning an Xbox One alongside my PC was decided due to the lack of sports games on the PC platform. The EA access program offers all the main sports games for one low monthly/annual price compared to the PS4.


Then up pops Super Mega Baseball FREE with “Games with Gold” to Xbox Live subscribers in October 2016. This is a game that has never been on my radar. In fact i’m ashamed to say I hadn’t heard of the game up until this point. Suffice to say i’m glad it was included this month. As a sports fan I’ve enjoyed the few hours I’ve mustered so far between other gaming sessions. Baseball isn’t one of my preferred sports in all honesty. There isn’t much coverage in the UK.


Super Mega Baseball manages to blend fun accessible gameplay with cute graphics and a deeper than expected leveling up system. Coaches can be hired to boost individual players performance stats. Exhibition mode for quick matches or seasons of varying duration and difficulty can be configured.

Early Impression

Super Mega Baseball should appeal to sports enthusiasts even if baseball isn’t one of their preferred choices. It’s a charming game which engages with cute graphics charm and a good leveling up system.

PC gamers can find the game on Steam by clicking here

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