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Early Impressions | Recore

Playing Recore for the first time on Xbox One with no pre-conceived ideas of what to expect I’ve been impressed. The core gameplay mechanics are fluid with enjoyable combat. Targeting and shooting feels easy and definitely of an arcade nature. Encounter enemy robots of varying strength and characteristics from health replenishing to flying bugs. Ammo replenishment did appear confusing as a warning appears on screen stating low on ammo but it seems after a short wait the ammo automatically replenishes. A slight change from the norm of having to collect ammo boxes which really leaves one less thing to worry about.


From the story aspect Recore centre’s on volunteers landing on Far Eden to form a colony on a world similar to Earth. All is in disarray after waking from a cryogenic sleep centuries later Joule finds that everything has not gone to plan. She heads out to piece together what had happened.


Early Impressions

From an early stage the story appears to be engaging and worthy of following. Gameplay is fluid and fun with an interesting main character and side kick robo dog. Recore has definately peaked my interest and is definitely worth considering.

*NOTE: A DEMO/TRIAL version can be downloaded on XBOX One via Marketplace or PC via Windows Store.

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