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Build A PC Games Collection FAST!

So you’ve built a custom computer or purchased a pre-built PC or laptop and you want to play some games. The problem is where to start? how do so many gamers have such large games collections?

The simple answer is bundles, sales and free giveaways.

Game bundles from 3rd party genuine sellers are a great way to add multiple games for the price of one in most cases. Websites such as Humble Bundle and Bundle Stars provide incredible value for money to customers.



Humble Bundle



Weekly Bundles

Humble Bundle creates weekly bundles to generate money for charity. Large established publishers such as Sega, Codemasters, EA and UbiSoft along with indie developers provide their games to be included within the bundles.

Each bundle has a set time limit until the offer ends. A tier system has been established which is clearly marked out as to which games you would gain. For instance for £1 you could unlock 3 games to activate on Steam. Beat the average price buyers have been spending and you would unlock a further 5 games or so. Then there is the top tier a set amount such as £9 – £25 which unlocks everything in that bundle to activate on steam. In essence you decide which tier suits your needs and budget. It really is simple and a brilliant way to amass a large games collection.

Humble Store

Humble Bundle now have a games store which has weekly deals and seasonal promotions so it’s well worth checking regularly to snap up a bargain.

Humble Monthly

The monthly bundles are a gamble. You can choose to make a one off purchase or pay in advance for 6 – 12 monthly subscriptions. The price remains the same each month and can be set to be automatically debited from your bank/credit card so you don’t miss out. If you purchase the bundle early you will unlock 1 game which they display prominently on the monthly section of the site. The gamble is that apart from that 1 game there are no hints or clues as to what other games will unlock. When the deadline ends to buy that months bundle the games will unlock for subscribers which you can activate on Steam. If the games are good and you hadn’t subscribed prior to the deadline there’s no way to jump in. Their claim is that each monthly bundle contains over £100 of games. The problem with that is they are stating full retail value. Games can be up to 80% cheaper if you find the right sale etc. There’s also the risk that you could already own any of the games that unlock.

My personal opinion is that if you can afford the £12 monthly subscription it’s definitively worth the investment as you’ll also receive 10% off all game purchases from the Humble Store including games already discounted on sale for that entire month. In almost every month the 1 game that unlocks early is either worth the cost of the subscription alone or more so you can’t lose.



Bundle Stars


Bundle Stars sell bundles of games. It could be horror, rpg, action genres or specific games such a the complete Fear collection, Batman, Lego. Well worth a look and some of their bundles also contain a tier system like Humble Bundles. Definitely worth checking regularly as you’re sure to find a bargain or two for your trouble.



Indie Gala

Once upon a time Indie Gala was my go to place for cheap indie games. I don’t personally like the direction they’ve gone in, much preferring the Humble Bundle service. That being said Indie Gala often giveaway FREE Steam keys so its well worth a look.



Online Digital Distributors

There are some great online only retailers which provide digital services such as activation codes for games and services such as Xbox live subscriptions. My 3 personal favourites are

    • CDKeys.com – I did use another provider but their prices increased dramatically. Since moving to CDKeys.com i’ve found their service to be perfect and games are hugely discounted. In fact unless a sale is taking place elsewhere their actual listed prices for games are the cheapest I’ve seen. Looking for a new release you only need to look here. Brilliant distributer! It’s worth noting by liking their facebook page you can claim a 5% discount code to make your purchase even cheaper. Any savings are worthwhile as it can allow for extra games.

    • Greenmangaming (GMG) – Regularly provide sales and VIP offers to regular users. They also run the PlayFire service which rewards gamers for playing games. Some games can be returned for refunds but you’d need to be sure before purchasing if its something that you’d want to benefit from. Great, relieable service with good deals regularly.

  • Gamersgate – They aren’t my favourite simply because for the most part the games they have on sale I’ve previously found cheaper and already own them. That’s not always the case though so I keep an eye out to see what bargains they have in store.

Gaming Clients

With all these great services to choose from don’t forget to regularly check you gaming clients storefront for possible sales such as Steam, Origin, GOG, UPlay & Battle.net.


When all is said and done if you’ve done it the right way throughout the year. Checking out the best places regularly you will find that even the huge Steam sales don’t always beat those prices you purchased your games for.

Stephen Bradley-Waters
Website creator and gaming geek! Huge fan of Zelda. During my early teens I loved playing Unreal Tournament & Age of Empires. I'm currently enjoying Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator and various other games from racing, strategy, rpg to action, fps and indie.