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With so many games available on the App store for both iPhone and iPad it can be quiet daunting deciding which games are worth installing. Here’s a list of my personal top 10 games. Bare in mind there are plenty more equally fantastic games available in the App Store that I may have overlooked or not played personally so use my list as a guide to help you start your collection with a view to trying others and continue to build and grow your game library.

1. Minecraft

Visit App Store | Price: £4.99

The hugely popular Minecraft is available for most, if not all platforms including consoles, pc and mobile devices. Having a version available and installed on mobile devices provides perfect portability to craft, create and survive.

Photo 16-07-2016, 13 52 00


2. Fruit Ninja

Visit App Store | Price: FREE ~ Ad-free version costs £1.49

Fruit Ninja is now something of a classic and ‘must have’ for iOS and Android mobile devices. Designed perfectly with those devices in mind. Fruit Ninja is hugely addictive, challenging and plenty of fun thanks to its simple gameplay of slicing fruit and trying to avoid slicing bombs which are thrown onto the screen randomly mixed in with the fruit.

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3. Doodle Jump

Visit App Store | Price: £0.79

One of the early games produced for the app store during the iPhone 3GS era of mobile gaming. Doodle Jump is still one of my personal favourite mobile games. With very simplistic gameplay mixed with the challenge of trying to set a best score and random obstacles generated. Each session is never the same!

Photo 16-07-2016, 13 52 50


4. Crashlands

Visit App Store | Price: £3.99

Similar to the superb Don’t Starve survival game. Crashlands adds a sci-fi twist to the game style. Well worth a look.

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5. Temple Run 2

Visit App Store | Price: FREE

A simple game of outrunning a beast and avoiding obstacles by using the built-in gyroscope in your mobile device (the tilt feature). Graphics are brilliant and the game is so much fun. Did i forget to say it’s FREE!

Photo 16-07-2016, 15 19 48


6. Sky Force

Visit App Store | Price: FREE

I initially played the PC version of Sky Force which I love due to its challenging nature and super fun shoot-em-up gameplay. The mobile version is equally enjoyable with fantastic graphics. Sky Force is a marvel worth installing.

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7. Farming Simulator ’14

Visit App Store | Price: FREE

Who’d have thought farming would be fun? Farm Simulator keeps the user busy with sowing the fields, planting crop seeds and harvesting crops along with delivering the goods to make a profit and purchase new equipment and locations. You’ll never moan about being bored whilst taking part in Farm Simulator.



8. Plague Inc.

Visit App Store | Price: £0.79

Developing a virus to wipe out humanity doesn’t sound like a winning success story for a game. However Plague inc. includes plenty of options and upgrades to mutate your virus. The game becomes addictive as you try to evolve the virus before the worlds governments create a cure.



9. Soccer Stars / Hockey Stars / 8-Ball Pool

Visit App StoreSoccer, Hockey, 8-Ball Pool | Price: FREE

The creators of 8-ball pool also created both Soccer & Hockey Stars games. All three deserve to be installed on everyones mobile devices. Brilliant one-on-one multiplayer fun with random opponents from around the world and friends. Multiplayer gaming on a mobile has never been this much fun!

Hockey Stars (iPad)


10. Hitman Sniper

Visit App Store | Price £0.79 *Limited Time Sale Price*

Assassinate targets with incredible precision and ease of zooming in and out and striking the target. Perfectly suited to mobile devices touch screen capabilities.


This article will be edited and expanded upon over time so be sure to check back periodically.

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