Doom 2016 Multiplayer Screenshot
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Doom Multiplayer Open Beta Gameplay

The Doom open beta has been a very competitive multiplayer experience. In all honesty I was really struggling with my first few matches. Maybe a mixture of being a lower rank with no armor upgrades and inexperience with the maps compared to the other players. My gameplay video shows sticking with it and fighting on will reap benefits. There’s so many negative reviews on the Steam Store page.

For me personally Doom plays like a mixure of Quake 3: Arena and Unreal Tournament and that’s hardly a bad thing considering Doom is predominantly a single player experience. If this is the direction Doom will go in with it’s multiplayer aspect then i’m all for it as this reminds me of those late 90s early 2000’s multiplayer games before the Call of Duty phenomenon.

Stephen Bradley-Waters
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