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Portal Knights Debuts Early Access

Portal Knights, 505 Games’ original 3D sandbox action-adventure role-playing game, is now available on Steam Early Access. Early access players will be amongst the first to discover a world full of magic, monsters and mystery as they adventure solo or as part of a four-player team, crafting a unique journey through dungeons, building their own castles and encountering epic boss battles.


During the early access period, Portal Knights players will discover sandbox islands with varying biomes and terrain, connected by ancient portals as they assume the identity of a Warrior, Mage or Ranger, customizing and progressing the skill levels of their characters through combat and exploration. With a raft of content planned for Portal Knight’s Early Access period the game’s awesome features are set to grow and grow, encompassing community feedback to iterate and improve the gameplay experience further.


Each adventurous new world in Portal Knights is packed with action and exploration with a wide range of items, ores and wildlife across different landscapes, that can be used to reshape a peaceful world that has been plunged into darkness by The Fracture.


Join the Portal Knights adventure NOW on Steam Early Access for 14.99 €, with a 20% discount in the first week of release. Early Access pioneers will also receive a unique Cape and Flag to distinguish themselves in-game. .

More information on Portal Knights can be found at the official web page:

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