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Unreal Tournament Screenshots Released

With no announcement regarding a date for Unreal Tournaments release, Epic Games have released a few screenshots to wet everyones appetite. It’s been a good few years since the latest Unreal Tournament game was released (Unreal Tournament 3, released 2007). A new game in the franchise is certain to get a lot of people excited. Especially with the new Doom releasing next month. The two games which paved the way for multiplayer first-person shooters are set for revivals and I for one am very excited!

Making of Titan Pass Video


Titan Pass Screenshots

Titan Pass is a capture the flag map for Unreal Tournament.

Pistola Screenshots

Pistola is a capture the flag map for Unreal Tournament.

Outpost 23 Screenshots

“DM Tuba” Work in Progress Screenshots

Deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament.


The Skaarj are a race seen in Unreal and Unreal II.

I think most people will agree these Unreal Tournament screenshots are impressive.

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