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Astroneer in Top 5 Steam Global Sellers

The development team of Astroneer have proudly posted in their blog news that the game has made it into Steam’s global top 5 ranking sales. It’s a massive achievement from an indie studios first title launch which only became available 50 days ago! Looking at the AAA games around it such as Doom, Dishonored 2, Watch_Dogs 2 and Fallout 4 just shows how remarkable it is.

Even more so considering the game is still in development. Available via Steams Early Access program it is currently in pre-alpha. There’s a long way to go in the games development for full release. Alpha and Beta stages still to come before then. Players can expect to encounter a mirage of bugs at this stage in the games development.

It’s looking very promising for Astroneer. Steam users are giving the game a huge thumbs up with an incredible 90% positive rating. Early adopters gain permanent access. Most Early Access games tend increase in price the further along the development is. At present there’s no firm cap on the final price. It could be wise to grab it while its around £15 as it could double in price months down the line, though with Early Access there does come a risk. Will the game continue in the direction most players expect? Will it ever reach final release? or will it eventually be abandoned? Considering the immediate success the game has had in regards to sales and reactions from players this is a game one would expect to continue growing.

Astroneer is a game with huge potential and it’s likely going to go through plenty of changes throughout it’s development.

Also available on Xbox One Store as a Game Preview title.

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