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Blast From The Past

I just happened across an interesting article looking back at a flyer from 1994. Brings back memories of my first home computer, not knowing what the future technology would be like at the time it was simply brilliant.

My first PC was a Christmas present for all the family. After the initial excitement most family members found new items of interests or hobbies. I was the one that was still hooked on the home computer’s possibilities. Being a young teen I was curious about everything from all of the operating systems features and the inner workings of the computer. The world-wide web was still a few years away from becoming mainstream so educating yourself wasn’t as easy as it is today. I made a few errors which bought the entire computer to a standstill by deleting/editing important files. I was simply curious of what the files did and how they affect the computer. I opened up the computer case to look inside, upon first inspection none of the components made any sense to me.

My first upgrade was a simple 32|MB or 64|MB AGP graphics card. In-fact I actually bought the wrong socket graphics card at the time. My parents came with me to exchange for the correct one. At that time their was 2 or 3 different socket versions. Towards the end of high school in the late 90’s I was reading through gaming magazines such as PC Gamer, Gamesmaster etc. and other magazines such as Computer Shopper learning and understanding all the latest computer parts, pricing and compatibility. More than anything I wanted one of those new powerful computers of my own. As time went on my knowledge increased as did my curiosity. Like most PC Gamers we as a breed enjoy the tinkering with components, clock speeds, bios settings and heat temps etc. The building of the computer from scratch is one we take pride in with cable management, colour coordinating parts. PC gaming has advanced a lot from those old days of simple home computers but looking back on those memories brings a lot of nostalgia. After all PC gaming wouldn’t be where it is now, without those early models.

Stephen Bradley-Waters
Website creator and gaming geek! Huge fan of Zelda. During my early teens I loved playing Unreal Tournament & Age of Empires. I'm currently enjoying Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator and various other games from racing, strategy, rpg to action, fps and indie.