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Conan Exiles Releases as an “Early Access” Title

Steam has been a great platform for games and gamers alike. The Early Access program has bought gamers closer to the developers. Purchasing the game early and in most cases a lot cheaper than the price come full release does have it’s pitfulls as you are purchasing on the understanding that the game is incomplete and will go through various transitions during it’s life-cycle with the aim to full release out of Early Access beta. Games can also run into difficulties and completely shutdown with no future updates and not making it to full release.

Up steps Conan Exiles. Available now, released 31st January 2017. An Early Access game from the creators of MMORPG “The Secret World”. Set in the lands of Conan the Barbarian, Conan Exiles is an open-world survival sandbox game. You must survive, build, and dominate as you strive to carve out a space of your own in a hostile, yet staggeringly beautiful landscape. Build anything from a humble abode to a sprawling city, then go out and conquer the lands of your enemies through savage, combat or possess the towering avatar of your god and smite them with righteous fury.

Available to purchase via Steam Store, priced at £26.99 or a Barbarian Edition for £54.99 which includes a few extras (shown in the image below)

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