For Honor Releases To Mixed Reactions

Medieval action game For Honor released today to mixed reception. Steam is showing “Mostly Positive” reaction to the game but delving just a little within the user reviews shows a rather alarming amount of discontent for the server side of the game. Users are forced to sign in to servers to even access the single player section of the game. Apparently it’s a requirement to stay connected online or be booted out of the game. Matters get worse by the fact the servers are denying access or kicking players for inactivity whilst they are actively playing.

Gamers are also enraged by the season pass allowing players to completely skip the skill tree progression and unlock everything to create an unfair advantage on the battlefield. Reminiscent of free to play games which are often pay to win.

Alarm bells will surely be ringing at Ubisoft and may only be a matter of time until the positive reaction changes to mixed unless Ubisoft at the very least manage to get the server situation resolved.

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Stephen Bradley-Waters
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