Early Access News

Hellion Launches Onto Steam Early Access

Developer/Publisher: Zero Gravity | Genre: Space, Survival, Multiplayer | Release Date: 24 February, 2017

Current Phase: Early Access | Purchase: Steam Store | Price: £19.99

Hellion is an ambitious project. It is an immersive world set in a solar system many lightyears from the comforts of Earth and is entirely based on the laws of Newtonian physics.

Hellion will make its debut as an Early Access game. EA version represents the basics of the vision behind this dark world. As our community grows and the player base expands, the game will evolve beyond these confines and become a true space survival that we can all enjoy. Open and honest communication between developers and community is the cornerstone of this idea. We are always open for discussion with our players as we believe that each and every one of us can add something to this project. Join us in the dystopian future that is Hellion and let’s build this world together!

Below is a comprehensive list of features planned for Hellion’s early access. Most of these are already in the game, some of them will undergo modification and improvement while others will be implemented during the course of Early Access (features marked as completed are the ones that will be present from the start and possibly modified and improved upon, based on community feedback)…

Open World Space Survival

Take command of your own spaceship and navigate through the Hellion system. Put on your EVA suit and investigate deserted stations, outposts and derelict warships in both zero gravity and artificial gravity environments.

World Based on Real Physics

A complete solar system built on Newtonian physics with full orbital mechanics for all celestial bodies, ships and stations. Explore the massive world with seamless transitions, without instancing or loading screens.

Intense Multiplayer Experience

Player interactions without any artificial restraints such as forced alliances or safe-zones. Team up with others and build a reliable crew or play as a pirate burning, looting and pillaging the hard work of others. In a world where one mistake can cost you days of hard work, your actions and choices matter.

For a full list of features and what’s to come from Hellion visit the games official website.

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