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Humble Monthly – XCOM2 Included

Humble Bundle has been the may stay for gamers to donate to charitable causes whilst receiving games from contributing publishers such as Ubisoft and EA for example. The humble store was then established for buyers to purchase game codes to redeem the products on Steam and an often lower price than buying from Steam store directly.

Humble Monthly is an evolution of Humble Bundle. The buyer pays a subscription fee each month and receives 8 games. A featured game unlocks immediately upon payment for the upcoming monthly subscription. The rest of the bundle becomes available after the purchase deadline. In essence the buyer is paying for a random selection of games with a guaranteed total retail value over £100 each month.

The games usually contain some big name titles mixed in with a few indie titles. It works out at a little over £1 per game which is a bargain and well worth the risk. The risk is not knowing which games are included each month until it unlocks. If you miss the deadline there’s no do-over, some months contain amazing selection of games.

As a bonus monthly subscribers gain 10% off the Humble Store for the entire month and continues whilst being a subscriber. After a few purchases the savings from the store make the monthly subscription feel even cheaper.

This month the featured game is X-Com 2. A game worth well over the £10 monthly subscription fee and you’ll receive more games on the 3rd February!

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Previous months have included Project Cars, Stardew Valley, SOMA, Grim Dawn, ARK Survival Evolved, Rocket League and more….


Stephen Bradley-Waters
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