The Sims 4 Receives Free Toddler Update and Vampires DLC

You’d be forgiven for expecting toddlers to be included within The Sims 4 on launch day. However that wasn’t the case. Maxis have now included toddlers within the game via a FREE update. Considering all the payed for content it is somewhat of a surprise that EA didn’t decide to charge users for this added content. So The Sims 4 fanbase can rejoice at this positive news.

Shortly after the toddler update released another payed for downloadable content was featured on EA’s Origin digital store. Vampires can now populate The Sims 4 universe for £14.99. Judging by the trailer (above) the content should provide a lot of fun The Sims 4 players.

BUY on Origin digital store

Stephen Bradley-Waters
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