Review Policy

Please be aware that not all games are played through to the end of the story/campaign before a review is published. Whilst every effort is made to playthrough as much of the content in a game. Time constraints dictate that some games be judged on the experience gained within around 5hrs of play-time. If any special performance or game breaking moments are experienced within the gaming community prior to the review then all efforts will be made to replicate those moments myself prior to making a final judgement. Whilst some games won’t be played to their end for the purpose of review. In most cases this will be dependent on enjoyment of the product and time constraints. It would be an arduous task to force oneself to play an appalling game to its conclusive end when you’ve already grasped its mediocrity within a few hours.

The purpose of the reviews at insidepcgaming is to inform and judge based on the experience of the playtime endured. All games will receive a minimum of 5hrs game time before an opinion is formed though in most cases for story based games this may extend to 8hrs+. After all some games can be slow to start and open up to become something of a classic. Others may start with the best of intentions and become a repetitive mess to the end.

Outside influence from game develeopers or publishers is not accepted in relation to the product score or review content. All review ratings are final. (unless a new review rating system is implemented, which may affect existing scores)