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Battlefield 3

Developer: DICE | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Release Date: Saturday, 5 November, 2011

The Battlefield 3 wait is finally over. The graphics appear life-like and stunning with destructible environments and the result is a great shooter. 64 player online battles are epic. You’ll feel like your in an actual war-zone. Tanks, Planes, Helicopters and Jeeps are some of the vehicles available. Running across land while planes and helicopters are bearing down for their next prey, and tanks are on the move as well makes Battlefield 3 so engaging. If that wasn’t challenging enough enemy’s can find some great hiding places to jump out on you or pick you off with a well placed sniper shot. All the vehicles are available to both teams with a limited amount of each. However if any are blown up a replacement is spawned after a set cool down time.


The realism of Battlefield 3 is second to none in the action genre. Soldiers actually look and move like real people. Walls and buildings can be blown to pieces, making covering behind objects very tricky. I do have one problem which I near enough immediately noticed in single player campaign and now had it happen on multi-player to is that when someone walks into you, you move out of position. This jostling is a serious pain. In both instances I was pushed away from cover and into the open for a nice sniper shot straight to my head.Single player campaign has been engaging and fun. Cut scenes with the need to press specific buttons are the worst part though. They’re unnecessary and just slow the game down. It’s like a guitar hero moment. Remember to press the right button immediately or you fail.
Damage to buildings, vehicles, you name it pretty much anything that can be damaged in-real life, can be damaged here and look just as real. Some scenes take your breathe away with the level of detail.


Sounds are amazing. Dice have obviously put every effort to make BF3 a real war game. Everything just feels so real. Hearing the sound of helicopters flying above, with sniper and rpg’s zipping past your head and just by listening to the sound you can instantly decide which direction it came from. EA and DICE are doing great things with their action games lately. BFBC2, Medal of Honor, and now BF3 all have the most amazing graphics, sounds and all round gameplay. They’re setting the benchmark for all action games. The need for others to raise the bar are becoming more and more evident..


BF3 is not for the arcadey shooter fans among us. You can’t run around with an assault rifle and expect to get around 30 kills like Call of Duty. There are no killstreaks. This is a game that is based soley on realism. What happens in the real world, happens here. Play tactical and smart. Keep your head down and decide the safest route to your destination whilst using the environment for cover. A really good feature which is the Battlefield way, is the ability to spot enemies. If you see an enemy, press the spot button and that enemy will now have an orange marker above their head so now becomes easiy viewable to you and your allies. This is all about making the most of teamwork. Everyone helping each other. You can choose between 4 different skillsets before the match starts and before each re-spawn. Reviving fallen allies, fixing vehicles are possibilities when choosing the specific category.


Upgrades and more weapon options become available as you progress through the multiplayer. Starting out for the first time will give you the choice between a basic assault rifle, or a sniper rifle. RPG’s, flashlights and vehicle improvements such as smoke decoy will become available as you progress. The flashlight is a new accessory to Battlefield. By pointing it at an enemy you make it impossible for the enemy to see. Their only hope is to shoot randomly, whilst you can see perfectly and pick the perfect shot.

Closing Comments

Battlefield 3 is a truly awesome game. Great graphics and impressive battles with player controlled air support from planes and helicopters covering the ground unit soldiers, tanks and vehicles. Although Battlefield 3 could do with a few more maps at launch it’s still easily one of the best and most challenging shooters available.

Battlefield 3






      Story / Content



        • Great Maps
        • Large Scale Battles
        • Variety of Weapons & Vehicles


        • Forgettable Single Player Campaign
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