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Fable 3

Developer: Lionhead Studios | Publisher: Microsoft Studios | Release Date: Friday, 20 May, 2011

I really enjoyed Fable 3. I’m a big fan of the series. There’s action around every corner. Missions/Challenges are great with some interesting characters to meet along the way. Acquiring money and managing it with the treasury brings a nice side distraction to the game. Buy and selling/renting homes is a fast and easy way to accrue a large wealth in the game.


The story as with the previous games is interesting. You play the Kings brother/sister. Your given the choice of which gender you’d like the character to be. The king isn’t ruling in a friendly manner. Villagers are becoming angry. It’s your quest to over-throw him and bring about a change that is right for the people. Give them everything they want and you’ll soon find yourself in financial ruin. A balancing act is needed. The money side of the game isn’t technical at all, so pretty much anyone playing the game should find that side of things relatively easy. Along the journey you’ll meet interesting characters and also receive side quests to participate in as well as missions for the main story. Your free to roam around the environment as you please and choose between the missions at your will.


Fable 3 was originally released on the Xbox 360 so I use the wired controller to play my way through the game. As always there’s plenty of features to access from the magic abilities to the general sword combat. Switching between the two is simple.


Wearing different costumes to selecting specific magic and weapons are encouraged with Fable. It’s a game that likes to give users options. There are a good amount of different magic abilities from fireballs to calling undead soldiers and ice storms. They’re a lot of fun to use and really effective when used properly. Costumes can be changed just as easily as the magic can. Simply press the “back” button on the controller and you return to your main chamber where all the important stuff is i.e. equipment, world map, costumes, and trophies. The more you complete of Fable 3 the more costumes you will pick up along the way and be able to wear.


As stated before, there are main quest missions and side quests to complete. The choice of which you choose to do at a given time is up to you. Most quests are interesting and take you to different undiscovered parts of the map. From snowy climates to sand storms. There is one part of the game that ruins the entire story. Without knowing time speeds up. You may have had a plan, but there’s no time to implement it completely. This may sound like nonsense, but I can’t elaborate any further without ruining the story. Suffice to say it’s a part of the game that a large majority of the Fable community are certainly not happy with and have since stated it’s not a worthy sequel.

Trusted Companion

Your joined on your journey with your dog. He follows you everywhere and helps locate treasures. Whether that’s Hidden chests behind rocks and bushes or buried treasures you need to dig for using a shovel. It’s all very straightforward The dog barks when he detects something. You follow him and he leads you to it. If it’s buried a dig sign will appear on screen. Your dog will also growl when there is danger near. Keep him sweet though by stroking him or playing fetch as he runs off when he gets too scared. He always comes back later anyhow so it’s not the end of the world if he does decide to run away.

Closing Comments

Fable 3 is a really fun Action/RPG game. Quests are fun and exciting Graphics and environments look great and interesting. Being a Fable title brings with it a lot of expectations. Does it deliver. For the most part I’d say yes. However the story is a bit shorter than most would expect or want. The part I mentioned in the review that ruins the story somewhat does take the shine away from the game. Even with the problems Fable 3 has I would recommend it as it’s a game I will be going back to time and again. It doesn’t get boring.

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