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Need For Speed: SHIFT 2 Unleashed

Developer: Slightly Mad Studios | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Release Date: Tuesday, 29 March, 2011


Sequel to the graphically impressive Need For Speed: SHIFT. SHIFT 2 does bring with it a much more refined menu system. Everything feels more at your finger tips compared to the original game.

Helmet Cam was being heralded as the next big thing in sim-racing. The concept seemed brilliant. In reality the whole feature is a big let down. Simply doesn’t work. No control over the helmet view, the driver simply moves he’s head when he wants to. Thus giving some of the most awkward racing views imaginable. Cornering becomes a serious nightmare. In-fact when the driver turns their head you’ll almost always inevitably carear off the road and onto the grass.

Handling’s as crazy as the first game. You’d certainly expect the handling to be greatly improved upon from the original considering how badly it performed. SHIFT 2 is a step-backwards from SHIFT. Less cars are included in this game. No longer are Porsche available.


SHIFT 2 is supposed to be a direct competitor in the sim-racing world to the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo. One of the creators even stated that those two games have too many cars in the game. Seems as though SHIFT 2 went with the minimal approach. Certainly wouldn’t say it was a good idea.

SHIFT had so much potential. The graphics were some of the best in a racing sim but the handling was very twitchy to say the least. The cars always felt wild and span out of control far too often. With improvements to the handling SHIFT could’ve become a huge hit. Problem is the developers don’t seem capable of doing just that.

Wheel support was continually lacking. SHIFT 2 took a long time for a patch to be released. Seemed as though the PC version was the least of the publishers priorities.

Closing Comments

SHIFT 2 is a real let down. Instead of building on the original and taking the series to the next level, the game has taken steps back. The menu system has improved but it seems all that’s happened is a gloss over the main screen but when it comes to actual gameplay the game isn’t as engaging or enjoyable as SHIFT. The series could’ve been a hit but now seems to have suffered an early death.

Need For Speed: SHIFT 2 Unleashed






      Story / Content



        • Nice Graphics
        • Refined Menu


        • Crazy Handling
        • Less Cars Than Before
        • Underwhelming Helmet-Cam
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