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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Developer: Infinity Ward | Publisher: Activision | Release Date: Tuesday, 5 November, 2013

The campaign is a lot like previous games in the years gone by. To tell the truth play one you’ve played them all. Though when they are an enjoyable fast paced action shooter, that’s not an entirely bad thing. The new addition of a dog companion is a nice inclusion this year. Instead of it being just superficial you actually have moments when you play through the K9s eyes. Sneak past enemies to get confirmation sighting of a wanted enemy or silently kill patrolling enemies thus providing some kind of tactical support. The dog isn’t the only opportunity to control objects from a different viewpoint. Remotely control missiles and mounted machine gun turrets on support planes, man the machine gun in a helicopter, take down helicopters and planes with surface to air missiles, tank combat. Call of Duty Ghosts provides a variety of story narrative and combat scenarios.


There are standout moments during the campaign where you can’t help but be awe inspired especially on the PC with some seriously impressive visuals. Missions in Space are not only jaw droppingly gorgeous to look at but they also play incredibly well too. You feel the lack of gravity. Turning to see the sun then the scale and clarity of Earth wasn’t something i’d expect from a Call of Duty game but it certainly made a fantastic impression on me. Ascending and descending, traveling and shooting through the space station was simple in it’s execution and fun.


Swimming under the ocean was a visualy stunning experience. The detail is amazing but the combat gameplay is exciting and enjoyable. The moment you witness a shark feast on you brings home the dangers of the ocean and certainly makes you more than aware the danger doesn’t only come from enemies with assault rifles.


Rappeling down the side of a skyscraper whilst shooting enemies through the windows, going from floor to floor and cutting a hole through the window to gain access were some great gameplay moments. There is a more stealth mission requiring you to work your way through a jungle to your squad-mates all the while trying to stay hidden from patrolling enemies. Another great mission.


The single player campaign has some fun and varying missions. They aren’t very challenging albeit on Normal settings, but fun moments all the same. Call of Duty Ghosts isn’t much different from the previous titles in the series the gameplay is the same, but the missions will have me personally coming back for another play through on hard settings. And I don’t usually do that!


As stated in the single player the graphics are very crisp with some incredible detail. The multiplayer maps aren’t as enjoyable as previous games. There’s moments where I can’t wait for the match to end so I can start a better map. A lot of kills come from behind, the maps are far too big for just 12 player sessions. I become a nervous wreck wondering where the next ambush of campers are waiting in their prone position or the terminator like crazed looney that’s running full speed through a door way i’m about to exit from. A few times i’ve actually jumped out my skin from such a situation. That’s the enjoyable moments. More often than not you struggle to find an enemy. It’s not the fast paced experience normally associated with a Call of Duty game. If you want frantic action bumping into enemies around every corner you won’t find it in Ghosts.


Its not a catastrophe of a multiplayer experience it’s just that with the gameplay being pretty much the same since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare albeit different maps and the changes in loadouts and perks. Other games in the series have had better maps and a more fulfilling experience. Future map packs may possibly enhance the experience though for me personally I enjoyed the original Black Ops multiplayer. The maps were fun to play and long sessions were in no way a grind. I will continue playing Ghosts for the forseable future though with Battlefield 4 and other titles available I wont personally be commiting many more hours to the game.

Closing Comments

A fun and visually inspiring single player campaign that’s certainly worthy of a 2nd play-through is reason enough to own Call of Duty Ghosts. The multiplayer experience doesn’t live up to expectations which will leave a lot of fans feeling deflated and annoyed. Highly recommend as a single player action game though for multiplayer it’s a bit of a miss!

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