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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios | Publisher: Bethesda Softworks | Release Date: Friday, 11 November, 2011

The scene is set with you being captured and lining up to be beheaded for crimes committed. A dragon appears, causes panic and you manage to escape. Once you make your way to various towns and hidden locations you’ll acquire quests. They can be completed in any order. You have the freedom to go about your business as you will. I chose to ignore the main quest and head north. I was intrigued with what I might find. I’ve witnessed a lot of snow. Plenty of wild creatures, bandits with swords, bow and arrow and mages with some of the most incredible magic powers. Magic is an important element of Skyrim. It’s not hard to learn and at times is invaluable. When selecting your weapon you can choose which hand to use for that item. You can pick and choose. For instance I regularly use fire magic in my left hand while carrying a sword in my right hand. That gives me the best of both attacking abilities. Other times I’ll carry a shield to protect me from attack.


Clothes can be changed easily when needed. For instance you’ll find better armour along your travels and you’ll also aquire enemies’ magic costumes. These come with perks such as reduced magic drain. Wearing the right accessories at a given time could mean the difference between life and death in the game. Items are regularly found from fallen enemies, animals and other pots and chests. Everything has a currency value and a weight assigned to it. To move freely and comfortable you’ll need to manage the weight of the items you carry or you will find yourself walking at a snail’s pace. I regularly find myself going through the inventory and dropping excess items.


Shops can be found along your travels. They buy and sell your wares so it’s important to visit them whenever you reach a village. Not only does selling increase your currency but you’ll also find yourself with less weight to carry and the ability to pick up more items along your travels.


Nearly everything can be customized from the mobile phone, costumes / outfits, cars. Costumes are totally over the top. Face masks are crazy, some are twice as big as your head. Brings a unique feel to the game and improves on the fun. Abilities can be upgraded from having homies come to your aid when under attack or regenerate health faster. There’s so many options available. Buildings can be purchased throughout the game bringing with them a regular source of income and safe haven in the event of being attacked by police or rival gangs. Wanted levels will expire immediately upon entering a safe haven.


Skyrim’s fun, challenging and simply engrossing. Hours are easily lost. In-fact it’s sometimes shocking to see how many hours you’d just spent playing the game. The reason is that you become the player. The world is so real and believable and filled with such wonder that you can’t help but try to locate new undiscovered areas, complete quests and unlock more abilities. The world is huge. Fast travel is an option to travel quickly from one place to the next. A lot of hidden locations will be missed unless traveling by foot. The joy and wonder with finding new locations and the thought of being one of the first to have found it in the game is rewarding and exciting.


The players view can be switched on the fly between 1st person and 3rd person behind the character. Mercenaries can be recruited throughout Skyrim. They really come in handy during battles. Sometimes they’ll get in your way while fighting or trying to collect items from pots and what not. Those annoyances certainly don’t out-way the positives though. Having a fellow comrade really comes in handy. There is no multiplayer and that’s a slight shame. The Elder Scrolls games are jaw droppingly brilliant and a great distraction from all the multiplayer action gaming played in other games. The single player is time consuming and a whole heap of fun. Running around a huge landscape such as Skyrim and fighting all kinds of enemies with a sword and magic with friends would be amazing. That said collecting items would become a headache as everyone scrambles for the best gear. Mutilplayer co-op would be a great addition to the series.

Closing Comments

Hands down best game of the year! and possibly even the past decade. The whole landscape is intriguing. The graphics are amazing. To explain the game simply, would be to say that it’s like being in a lord of the rings film, except you have the freedom to go anywhere you want when you want. So many missions to complete and new abilities to acquire The game feels endless and inspiring. Miss this game and you may just have missed the game of the decade. Yes it’s that good!

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