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Euro Truck Simulator 2

Developer: SCS Software | Publisher: SCS Software | Release Date: Wednesday, 16 January, 2013

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is easily playable for casual gamers. Initially create a name for your company and choose from a list of pre designed driver avatars. Once your in the game though everything is up to you. Though you don’t immediately start with your own lorry quick deliveries are available whereby you drive a company lorry buy you do still have the freedom to choose which delivery you would like to accept, head off to Southampton or Cambridge.
As you level up and earn credits more options will become available from applying for a bank loan that is repayable daily to buying garages, lorries and hiring drivers. Effectively over time you can create and own an entire lorry empire spanning all the way across Europe!


Due to the scale of travelling to and from destinations time is slightly speeded up. Fuel depletes, the lorry and cargo can sustain damage and there are hazards to consider along the way. Road works with temporary traffic lights may be in place, speed cameras can issue fines as does traffic accidents. Speeding and accidents does become costly so maintaining discipline on the roads will prove advantageous with regard to game progression and upgrade opportunities.



There are options a plenty throughout the menu settings with a whole host of graphics options to tweak and adjust but also controls. Keyboard & mouse, controller and steering wheel are supported. Controller can be extremely twitchy and sensitive however using a wheel is the way to go. It feels perfect and natural. The Logitech Driving Force GT wheel has plenty of buttons on board which are easily configured within the options menu to control anything from wipers, headlights to indicators.
Automatic, manual sequential or full manual driving controls are available. Using either manual settings adds to the realism and makes for some challenging driving especially on an incline. The level of detail is incredible. The entire cab looks amazing including the windows, mirrors, dashboard etc. The real eye candy though is when it’s raining the rain setting on the windows looks stunning as does night driving with the headlights on full beam.



You’ll witness varying landscapes with steep inclines, rail crossings and tunnels along the way. It’s these different landscapes that keep it interesting. Managing your cargo, arriving on time but enjoy the scenery along the way. Petrol/Gas stations are scattered throughout as well as rest stops. Resting before you get too tired is recommended or suffer the consequences!



AI vehicles don’t react perfectly to situations but they have been enhanced considerably since the game launched thanks to the terrific effort the developers make in providing continuous updates making the game better and better.



There isn’t much in the way of sounds in the game as other cars don’t seem to beep at each other however the lorry horn does work perfectly fine and is fun to use. Wipers and brake pressure as well as engine noise does sound fine. The Audio gem in Euro Truck is the built in music player. Either listen to MP3 files placed in the music folder or choose from a list of internet radio stations with the option of adding your own personal custom favourite station by simply editing a txt file in the documents folder. Driving along to sound tracks makes the journey even more enjoyable.

Closing Comments

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a game not to be missed. Coupled with a wheel and peddles the experience is amazing. Driving a lorry across Europe whilst sitting at the computer couldn’t be more fun. It’s a marvellous experience. Simply Brilliant!

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2





      Story / Content



        • Relaxing
        • Huge Maps
        • Fantastic Road Networks
        • Great Scenary


        • Poor AI Vehicles
        • Italy, Spain, Portugal & Ireland Missing
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