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Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scandinavia

Developer: SCS Software | Publisher: SCS Software | Release Date: Saturday, 11 July, 2015

Scandinavia DLC is a new expansion to the popular Euro Truck Simulator 2. After the impressive “Going East” expansion, SCS Software started on its next expansion. So is it any good?….

I started my journey to Scandinavia in Goteburg, Sweden from London, England. I’d need a ferry to make the crossing over the sea to Denmark so I headed for the sea-port located at Hull, England.


After disembarking the ferry I landed in Denmark to make the road journey through to Sweden. The landscape is beautiful with combine harvesters working the fields along the roadside.


My journey through Denmark for the first time was interupted by road works reducing the road shortly to a single lane. The distinct feature of Denmark seems to be it’s aggricultural heritage with plenty of farming fields.


With so many backroads containing no street lights roads can be hazardous during night conditions with extremely reduced visibilty, even with the headlights on. Driving was risky but deliveries were expected so there was no choice but to plough on through. Often there were times where I’d push the driver to the point of exhaustion and have to locate a rest stop for an emergency rest before the eyes close and carnage ensues. Thankfully throughout my journey through most of Norway, Sweden and Denmark there was plenty of rest stops and garages for refuelling especially Sweden.


Norway and Sweden both contain plenty of tunnels and bridges. The main difference between the two country’s was that Sweden seems to be a more urban built up place compared to Norway’s more mountainous locations.


Both have highways and are similar in many ways as they have picturesque villages with lakes and rivers.


I received plenty of speeding fines, and traffic light indescrecsions. I take the driving seriously but there are moments where my frustrations boil over and take the risk hoping for there to be no consequences. Such as the u-turn I tried to perform in the image below.


There is an achievement on Steam for visiting all of the locations in the Scandinavia DLC, this caused me to do something I don’t normally do. I arrived late to 2 of my deliveries whilst visiting nearby locations against my GPS instructions. Instead I would use the world map to choose locations I want to visit and then follow the road signs and often go completely out of the way and have the GPS configure an entirely new route to get to the destination.


One of the deliveries took me 2 days to complete and I actually received no wage for delivery due to the lateness and the infractions occured and I had managed to damage the cargo. It didn’t help that during my travels I was so mesmerised by the beauty of the landscape that I would stop completely. Hold up traffic and capture screenshots. This was and is a frequent issue with me at the moment whilst exploring Scandinavia for the first time.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 allows for that freedom of choice. Complete the deliveries in the shortest time or take the time out to explore, it’s up to you the driver and the Scandinavia expansion is a real joy to explore. There are so many tunnels, bridges and scenary to explore. This DLC also includes NEW location types such as supermarket’s for delivering too.


As you explore the vast landscape there will be new building types and road layouts that will leave you very impressed. Scandinavia provides many hours of added gameplay. Traversing from Sweden to Norway can take a long time. Adding those locations to the already existing roster found in Euro Truck Simulator 2 only makes the simulator even more compelling and addictive. Driving couldn’t be more fun and with so many new locations to enjoy this is a must buy for all ETS 2 users.


Summary of Content

  • 80 New Cargo Types
  • 27 New Locations
  • 12 New Ferry Terminals
  • New Trailer Models

The £13.49 retail price may seem costly for an expansion pack but when factoring in the many hours of added gameplay, and new challenging environments to explore it really is content worth owning. I’ve had an amazing time driving through Scandinavia and it won’t stop here. I’ll be back in Scandinavia completing more deliveries very soon!

Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scandinavia








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