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Victor Vran

Developer: Haemimont Games | Publisher: EuroVideo Medien | Release Date: Friday, 24 July, 2015

Within minutes of launching Victor Vran you can’t help but be visually impressed with the game. It oozes quality from the very first minute. Then Victor’s voice can be heard narrating as he speaks to himself which is very humorous to say the least. The game mechanics work perfectly. Gameplay is effortless and well thought out, and the level designs are of the highest quality.


Enemies range from easily beaten through to some tough battles. The power up abilities such as fire boulders reigning down on unsuspecting enemies come in handy pretty often. The overdrive ability requires replenishment to utilize these special abilities. Gaining overdrive is possible by either defeating opponents or equipping apparel which has auto replenishment as a perk.


Weapons are varied and two can be equipped at any given time. Simply pressing the middle mouse button switches between either weapons. Each weapon has its own special abilities. My preference is to use the scythe a round bladed weapon and a shotgun as my secondary weapon. The special ability of the scythe is a spinning attack much like a tornado. As you make your way towards the target in a spinning frenzy enemies take a beating with multiple hit points reducing many to a certain death and others impacted with diminished health. Although the attack only lasts a few seconds the damage is rather huge. Timed correctly a boss can either be taken out completely or huge damage inflicted.


Making the most of the dodge movement (SHIFT Key) in combat really is vital. Anticipating the enemies attack and then dodge to the side and HIT! Is so enjoyable. Defeating the undead and all other manner of foes has never been so enjoyable.


Items can be assigned to the quick selection controls. My personal preference is to have health vials at the ready in cases of heavy battles. That rejuvenation of health can really make the difference between victory and failure. Losing isn’t too painful as you can just respawn to the last checkpoint.


Destiny cards and other items are awarded as your player levels up. The character is assigned a limited slot allocation however extra slots may become available as you progress. The destiny cards bring with them ability perks and with so many to collect, trade for and utilize there is so much choice it’s sometimes easy to forget they are there as you hack and slash your way through hordes of undead, gothic and all manner of enemies.


With Victor Vran being an Action RPG there is plenty of loot to collect from weapons, apparel, magic and gold coins. The gold coins can be used at the castle to trade for items. Each apparel does bring with them added perks from auto replenishment of the overdrive ability to increased health.


Victor Vran is very well optimised for high end and low end systems. Although the gaming rig is expected to handle an aRPG game with ease its the performance of the underpowered laptop that just goes to show that there is still hope for those on low end systems. On the laptop its the underwhelming GPU which underporforms on more recent titles but Victor Vran runs perfectly fine.

Victor Vran has flown under the radar and truly is a delightful surprise. With the narrators humour, fantastically atmospheric level design and engaging gameplay Victor Vran is a game to savour!

Victor Vran









        • Great Graphics
        • Smooth Gameplay
        • Variety of Weapons
        • Narrative Humour


        • Dull Story
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