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Atari Vault

Re-living games from your past is always great for nostalgic purposes and Atari Vault covers so much from Atari’s past. 100 games to be exact. Replay games such as Asteroids, Pong and my personal favourite Missile Command. During my pre-teens when games were released before the consoles we know today Missile Command was so much fun, and today I get to experience those moments again and truth be told it’s just as great as it was back then.

A lot of games are included in this vault from Atari Arcade and Atari 2600 console titles which in my opinion is seriously great value for money. Will younger people enjoy these games? of whom have simply grown up on great graphics but not had enjoyment from simple games which though may not look impressively rendered but provide fun simple gameplay. No they probably won’t. But those that are curious about games of the past or those that want to re-live past memories this is a bundle not to be missed.



A vast variety of genres is covered in the Atari Vault from puzzles, action, sports, battles. Almost certainly something for everyone if you can look past the limited graphics. For me personally i’m impressed and really happy that all these games have been provided to gamers in their original glory from the 70’s & 80’s instead of doing a remastered collection, though multiplayer has been added including a Steam leaderboard which adds a competitive edge against friends.



Games from the past focused solely on gameplay as systems just didn’t have the power to render much in terms of graphics. I enjoyed those days when gameplay came first and in that era so many wonderful games were created which will remain known in history as classics such as the ones previously mentioned Asteroids, Missile Command and Pong. As soon as those games are mentioned most people automatically think amazing classics and rightly so.

Closing Comments

For retro fans and gamers curious of the past generations in gaming, Atari Vault won’t fail to impress. Bundled with so many games including some of the best games ever created such as Astroids and Pong. It’s a blast from past!

Atari Vault

Atari Vault





      Story / Content



        • Vast Collection of Games
        • Includes Great Classics
        • Nice UI


        • Some Games Are Poor
        • Difficult to Quickly Find Specific Game
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