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Death By Gameshow

As the game title suggests your gonna die fairly often but that’s not a problem as the levels are fun thanks to the cute robotic units to deploy and each level is short and sweet so it’s not too much of a hindrance starting over. Your a human in a robot world. Essentially you are their new play-thing. Thrust into the gameshow your tasked for the most part with defeating the enemies thrown at you. Blow up the buildings they generate from and collect the coins rewarded to you by either walking into the coins or using the awesome extendable arm grabber thingy. Similar to something from the TV show Inspector Gadget!


With new units and abilities unlocking regularly at a fast rate it can seem overwhelming as it’s not clear what each unit type does. Your left with the simple trial and error technique. Figure it out as you go. Launch them and see what they do. Try to remember and use them at the correct moment. Seems easy enough but when there’s a never ending barrage of attacks against you it can be hard to remember in the heat of the moment which unit to launch.


Each unit is awarded a slot number. So pretty much press numbers 1-9 on the keyboard to send the unit into battle and prevent your demise. Press right mouse button to launch the extendable arm to collect coins and in some instances hit the enemy units with items such as a boxing glove.


Levels don’t stagnate as there’s always a twist or too on the previous. Could be a simple blow up and stop whats in front of you to deploying various building types and acquiring rewards from challenges. With comic book graphics and robot charm Death By Gameshow is different enough to be a must for everyone’s library of games.


Considering the price of this charming game it is really worth owning and being the star of the gameshow.


Death By Gameshow






      Story / Content



        • Cute Cartoon Animation
        • Earn in Game Rewards


        • Unclear Unit Abilities
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