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Hard West

Developer: CreativeForge Games | Publisher: Gambitious Digital Entertainment | Release Date: 18 Nov, 2015

Hard West starts with promise as the strategic battles are engaging and in most cases challenging. Lose a character in battle though and it’s game over. The battle must be redone from the start of that battle. This can be tedious especially when you’ve managed to eliminate all but one of the enemies then lose one of your characters to a shot you hadn’t anticipated. This is all part of the charm though of Hard West. It’s a western themed game whereby the best shot can kill you. Suck up the defeat and go again. There’s always plenty of objects to hide behind though you can never be sure where all the enemies are hiding as you can only see the enemies within your line of site. The game does try its best to indicate where a hidden enemy may be without placing them in view. This allows you in most cases to be tactical in your character placing but not shoot.


So the charm of Hard West’s combat really does shine through but the story section of the game involves reading plenty of dialogue and for the most part make the same selections over and over again albeit sometimes with different dialogue but still the limited options to choose from. The only vocal narration comes at the start of combat. During the story mode its text reading which negates the charm the combat section of the game provides.


I personally found the story section a grind with no real connection to it. I’d simply get fed up caring and just go through the motion of clicking whats expected of me in the hope that i’ll reach a combat moment soon.


The story section is in real time with dialogue pop ups and multiple choices to choose from. The combat is turn-based which is challenging but allows for time to analyze your decision before executing it.

Closing Comments

All in all Hard West is a mixed bag. Some people will find the story section of the game enjoyable and others like me will find it a grind but the combat makes up for any of the stories miss-givings and makes this a game worth playing.

Hard West






      Story / Content



        • Enjoyable Combat
        • Western Charm


        • Boring Story Narration
        • Repetitive Choices
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