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Developer: Motorsport Simulations | Publisher: iRacing | Release Date: Tuesday, 26 August, 2008

iRacing is an online subscription based game. Players must have an active subscription and be connected to the internet to play the game. Membership can be payed for monthly, yearly and so forth. Monthly cost is $12 (£7.50). At the moment iRacing are doing a deal of buy 1 month get 2 free for new members. So for $12 your getting 3 months gaming.

Once you’ve joined and become a member you aquire 6 cars and 10 tracks. More cars and tracks can be bought and added seperately. This isn’t very cheap. Cars and tracks are priced around $12 to $15 each. Buying all the cars and tracks whilst also mainting a monthly subscription is costly.

Race Schedule


As this game is against real life opponents when you ready to race your given a list of available time slots (sort of like the cinema) red means available. Black means unavailable. You can do a practise run before deciding. Then when your ready to commit to a race you can either select a qualifying time slot to try and start the race in the best grid position possible. Any race including qualifying is judged so any crashes or veering off the course will affect your rating in a negative way. Skipping the qualifying session is allowed. You won’t risk your safety score but you will default to the back of the racing grid. The image below is a screenshot of a race session time allocation. Clicking the image will enlarge it to full screen.

Race Rules

Blue – Allow the car behind to overtake as it’s about to lap you. Not doing so within a certain time frame can result in a penalty
Yellow Flag – Caution! Accident Ahead. Do not overtake until green flag is showing
Black Flag – Received a penalty. Must serve the penalty by going into the pits within 4 laps or be disqualified from the race.

Black Flag will be awarded if you move from the starting racing grid before the green light shows.
Black Flag will be awarded if you go over the speed limit in the pit lane. Safety Rating decrease if you have an accident or have more than 1 tyre of the track during a race.
Aggressive language can result in being banned!
Qualifiers are not compulsory but help to start a race higher up the grid.
License progression when you reach a high enough safety rating and achieve the required challenges.

Closing Comments

iRacing isn’t simply a game, it’s a true to life simulation. Professional race drivers from around the world use this game to practice courses away from their cars. The reason for this is that the detail, car performance and handling is so realistic. Courses are incredibly accurate in the layout as well as the scenery. Any hardcore racing sim fan will say iRacing is the best. Apart from the physics of the game which are the best around. Players have their own online profile, stats. Everything you can want and need is on your account page. Cars can be tweaked and fine tuned. If your not in a race you can be a spectator and watch other races as they happen. iRacing isn’t about racing computer controlled cars. Every car on the track is someone driving. It’s competitive racing as true to life as you can get on a computer. There’s online leagues and competitions to take part in. Racing well advances your rank, especially a clean race. Crashing is unsporting and won’t see you advancing in the rankings.







      Story / Content



        • Realism
        • Officiated Online Leagues
        • Regulated Rules


        • Cars and Tracks Are Expensive
        • Monthly/Annual Subscription Required
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