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Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix | Publisher: Psyonix | Release Date: 7 July, 2015

First impressions of Rocket League after playing a few sessions is its really engaging, and super addictive. 30+ hours later the feeling remains the same. Its hard to stop myself from playing one more sessions, then another and another.

You’d be forgiven for thinking a car game based on football/soccer could be a bit lame. Rocket League though is hugely enjoyable. Easily pick up and playable from the first match but once you take it more seriously than just racing around trying to hit the huge ball in the direction of the goal you’ll soon realize to be consistent and relatively good requires more skill than the average racer.


Adjusting to the plays can be crucial. Sometimes it’s not simply the gung-ho tactic of all players flying forward towards goal that is the most effective. Often sitting back to possibly intercept a cleared shot from hurtling towards your own goal or even arrive late into the goal area to smash in the winner can be the right decision at a given time. Timing is everything if you want to become a pro.


At it’s heart though Rocket League is just explosive fun. Novices don’t get chewed up like the Call of Duty community as failures come with the territory. Even the best players can score an own goal or miss a goal scoring opportunity so newbies don’t have to play in fear of being ridiculed. Improve as you go and enjoy the addictive gameplay along the way. It’s so easy to start a match and then find you’ve been playing for a couple of hours. Matches aren’t long in duration but they are so fun that it’s easy to think I’ll play just one more. And that one more turns into ten more.


DLC is available in the form of new cars, liveries and accessories. The most positive aspect of the DLC is that users that don’t own any, aren’t at a disadvantage as they don’t enhance the performance of vehicles. Purely aesthetics. So players of whom crave more diversity and more choice can enjoy the extra content but not be at any advantage to other players.


Though no weapons are available, combat is great. if you use the boost ability (increased by collecting yellow orbs located throughout the arena floors) and smash into other cars at full velocity they disintegrate in an explosion. They will regenerate and appear again but you’ve been successful in throwing them off their task at hand. Just as much fun can be had from smashing into an opponent who’s about to line up a shot or make a pass and completely wrecking their rhythm and play than there is from scoring goals. This competitive gameplay is really what makes Rocket League great. If you’re not technically gifted in lining up some great goal scoring shots, you can still do well in disrupting the opponents flow. Cause havoc for your team, intercept shots and passes, create a pass, make a shot, and score a goal it never gets old and it’s more fun than playing Fifa!

Closing Comments

Rocket League is a game to lose yourself into. Its high octane, competitive fun. A game easily accessible to novices and pros alike. Scoring goals has never been so enjoyable. It’s Easy to accrue hours upon hours of gaming with this impressive title.

Rocket League

Rocket League





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        • Enjoyable Gameplay
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        • Could Do With More Arenas
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