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Developer: Landfall Games | Publisher: tinyBuild | Release Date: 27 September, 2016

An interesting physics based game requiring the player to jump into action by navigating rooftops of trucks to get to the end goal. To achieve this feat requires precision jumping and impeccable timing. Most levels on each area start with relative ease, though they soon increase in difficulty. Failing multiple times will become the norm. It’s challenging and really satisfying reaching the end after so many failed attempts.

Touching the ground at all during the level will result in an instant fail, thus requiring the player to repeat the mission to unlock more levels. Some levels require a lot of patience as trucks are constantly moving and causing carnage.

A campaign is included which takes the player through various different environments such as the desert and forest which all incorporate their own unique obstacles for the player to navigate and trucks to crash into which results in absolute carnage which requiring more obstacle avoidance on the players part.

Outside of the campaign you’ll find halloween and holiday themed levels to play-through. The games diversity doesn’t end there as a level editor is also included within the game allowing players to create their own environments and landscapes. Currently still a work in progress though providing plenty of replay-ability beyond the campaign.

Style points are awarded for your performance at the end of each level. These points can be spent purchasing either movement or utility abilities which range from slowing time to an epic mode. The epic mode doubles the style points earned throughout the levels.

Closing Comments

An interesting game with a great concept. Enjoyable action if only in short bursts due to the repetitive nature of the game.







      Story / Content



        • Good Gameplay
        • Challenging


        • Repetitive
        • Minimal Graphics
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