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Worth Upgrading Logitech DFGT to G920/G29 Racing Wheel?

The typical upgrade path for Logitech Driving Force GT wheel users was to Logitech’s G25 & G27 Wheels. However Logitech have since replaced those with the G920 and G29.

What’s the difference between the G920 and G29 Wheels?

They are essentially the same wheels as each other comprising of the identical peddles and wheel hardware. The difference between both models is that the G920 is compatible with the Xbox One console and the G29 works with the PS4. Neither work on both, though they do work on Windows PC providing PC gamers with the choice of either model.
The G29 does have a few extra buttons compared with the G920 which like all the other buttons can be individually customized to key commands. A rev counter is also included on the G29 model which is a very nice touch. A H-Shifter accessory is available as an add-on sold separately. Combined with the clutch peddle manual racing provides real simulation driving.


A responsive and comfortable racing wheel featuring a lot of customizable buttons. The wheel is made from rubber, producing a firm grip. Even though the wheel only has a single motor for force-feedback it is strong and immersive to the user. Unfortunately the motor can be rather loud and distracting. Build quality is strong and reliable.

The downside is the paddle shifters are just simple trigger buttons located behind the wheel. The gear shifter to the right of the wheel is also only sequential up and down providing the same features of the paddle shifter. There’s also no potential for any upgrades to the peddles or any other accessories.

Peddles are extremely basic and cheap made solely from plastic with no pressure resistance. Extremely difficult to judge peddle precision whilst racing resulting in some very twitchy moments whilst braking.

-Compatible with the PS3 and PC.

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Premium wheel with leather comfort and high quality metal finish frame. All of the buttons are customizable on PC for instance the “Xbox Guide” button can be programmed to the press of the F12 key on the keyboard producing steam screenshots.

Forza Motorsport 6 really comes to life using the G920 wheel on the Xbox One console. The entire game is transformed into a truly immersive experience compared to using a controller.

The dual motors provide plenty of force-feedback for natural immersion whilst remaining quiet. The peddles are durable and stylish consisting of a plastic base and metal peddle plates. Clutch, brake and accelerator peddles are included. The brake peddle has been a bane of contention for many users. A small rubber block is inserted into the brake peddle providing artificial resistance restricting the initial brake response to just 60%. The remaining 40% requires a very strong amount of force which can be rather frustrating as desk chairs on wheels can roll backwards whilst pressing. Some owners have resorted to dismantling the peddles to remove the rubber block thus providing 100% responsiveness however doing this does void the warranty. Others have also purchased a high quality spring to provide an improved immersive experience.

The brake peddle has clearly been designed for users of a racing rig such as the Playseat. An easy solution to adjust to the brake peddles strong resistance is to either use a wheel-less chair or adjust the brakes sensitivity for each game either within Logitech’s software or in-game settings. It’s possible to go from 60% initial peddle response to 80%.

Cables are kept tidy underneath the wheel base.

-Compatible with the Xbox One and PC.


All three wheels are fully compatible with Windows PC with the simple installation of Logitech’s Gaming Software. Regarding consoles they’re all compatible with unique systems.


The Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel is perfectly adequate for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. In-fact it’s a great wheel for those games as the button placement is perfect, especially the two top buttons being assigned as indicators and the large round “GT” logo as a horn. For those games an upgrade isn’t necessary as the DFGT does everything you’d need unless you want to go full manual shifting which the DFGT can’t do as the most that is possible is manual sequential as there is no clutch peddle or actual gear shifter. It’s also a good entry level wheel for racing sims however the peddles are a huge let down and can be extremely infuriating when trying to set fastest lap times and compete in races.

The G920/G29 is a great upgrade at the current reduced price £149, however at £299 the price would be rather steep and a look at the Thrustmaster wheels would be well worth considering as the T500RS at £349 is a fantastic wheel with brilliant peddles and great customization options such as its interchangeable wheel. The G920/G29 wheel has a fantastic premium feel thanks to the leather material and metallic frame, also includes plenty of buttons to utilize and has a solid responsive peddle set. Upgrade potential with the purchase of the H-Shifter and the bonus of being able to use with the newest PS4 (G29) and Xbox One (G920) consoles.

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